Our Services


Assist managing the risk of financial and reputational harm from cyber breaches.

  • Leveraging the in-house resources, bolstered with our highly skilled staff, can triage and mitigate loss or corruption in a time and risk efficient manner.
  • First point of contact for breaches that requires managing risk with insurers, counsel, clients, vendors, and the public.
  • Assisting organizations with the public, private, and internal perceptions and expectations, conduct analysis to determine causes and effects, establish baselines for future deployments, and assuage client fears with a professional and tactically-oriented deliverable.

Practice Support Consulting

Providing the requisite guidance for preservation,
collection, and data lifecycle management.

Providing the requisite guidance for preservation, collection, and data lifecycle management.

Pre-evidentiary consulting and data mapping to target specific sources of information, as well as provide clients with a detailed footprint of their unique data disposition status.

Advocating proportionality throughout the litigation process.

Utilizing a combination of data management, client-provided information, and case-specific nuances to only identify, utilize, and act on the minimum amount of necessary information.
Consulting with clients to determine the most effective course of action at each stage in the investigatory process.

Leveraging data analytics to categorize and narrow scope of investigations and legal processes.

Using Concept-based Analytics, as well as bleeding-edge technologies in AI to proactively scour data sources for the most relevant information, providing a higher percentage of relevant information at all points throughout the investigatory process.

Information Governance

Mitigate risk while realizing the value from your organization’s data.

  • Tried and tested methodologies to organize and catalog in-house and cloud-based data stores.

Conduct baseline analysis and data mapping to provide analyses on gaps.

  • Using a combination of in-house resources and applications, augmented by our staff and tools, we can deliver verifiable and repeatable processes and procedures to lessen the information governance spend and resource consumption.

Drafting and review of policies and procedures related to information governance.

  • An in-depth review and consult on existing documentation, coupled with the analysis of real-time practices, will assist organizations in sharpening their IG arsenal.

Providing advice on data classifications and defensible data disposition.

  • Organizing data and implementing a finer-level of accuracy and accountability promotes a successful Information Governance workflow that becomes a company standard.

Infrastructure Management and Oversight

  • Assisting clients with the organization, management, and security of existing and future environments, leveraging changes in technology and security landscapes.